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Achieve sharper features with our

"Reshaping Manual Drainage Facial"

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​See the Natural Facelift Effect for yourself!

For the first 50 customers, enjoy our

"Reshaping Manual Drainage Facial @ $68"

(UP $260) only!


Valid for first-time customers only

What You Can Expect

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Helps to drain excess fluid & toxin trapped under our skin, resulting in lesser redness & puffiness

Combining our highly raved on-the-point & drainage massage, to stimulate lazy skin muscles, reducing the appearance of fine lines & sagging skin

Encourages lymph fluid & blood circulation which in turn, boosts our skin cells’ nutrient intake, giving us that radiant and healthy glow

Did you know…

Our lymphatic system play an important role in our body’s immune responsesInflamed lymph nodes are your body’s way of telling you that it’s fighting an infection.


However, if your body’s constantly fighting an infection - it could also mean that there is an underlying issue that has yet to be resolved.


Here at Nydia Beauty Care, aside from helping our customers understand their skin better, we take a holistic approach to identify the root cause of their problems & start treatment from there.

Common signs of a congested lymphatic system

Feeling of Tiredness

Swollen Breasts During Period

Retaining Fluid (Water Retention)

Introducing our 6-step
Reshaping Manual Drainage Facial


Double Cleansing

Remove makeup & impurities without stripping your skin of its natural oils


Skin Analysis

Identify skin type & main concerns to help you understand your skin better


Gentle Exfoliation

Remove surface dead skin cells & unclog pores to improve skin’s tone & prep the skin for treatment


On-the-point & Drainage Massage

Enjoy a therapeutic combination of on-the-point & light-pressure massage to improve circulation in your skin, draining out excess fluid, waste & toxins


Shaping Mask

Set your face with an antioxidant skintight mask to promote self-healing & locking in moisture


Protective Cream

Protect your new radiant skin from the sun & pollution for the rest of the day/night

​See the Natural Facelift Effect for yourself!

For the first 50 customers, enjoy our

"Reshaping Manual Drainage Facial @ $68"

(UP $240) only!


Valid for first-time customers only

What Our Customers Say

Ms Rachel

"Great service, detailed explanation and suggestions for after care, no pushy sales staff. Focused on your skin and how to get it back in shape."

Ms Abigail

"Very good and relaxing facial treatment and service provided by Aileen and Amanda. I enjoyed the massage and the salon is cozy and comfortable. No hard-selling at all. And great follow-up after that. Will definitely be back!..."

Ms Iffa

"Excellent service . very relaxing facial massages and insightful tips and genuine advice given to care for your face. highly recommended."

Ms Anna

"...The massage was good, i almost fall asleep with the soothing music behind. i will definitely come back again."

Ms Lina

"...I enjoyed the treatment thoroughly, it was calming and I felt the difference after just 1 treatment. There were no intrusive sales talk at anytime during the therapy and they followed up to check on my condition after a couple of days. Really great service!"

Ms Alida

"...They were really attentive to my needs during every session. They were able to recommend the treatment based on my skin needs. I felt comfortable throughout my experience as there was no hard selling..."

Ms Shermaine

"Amanda & Aileen are very patient in explaining skincare issues with me, guiding me on step by step skincare techniques too. The entire process was very comfortable, no pain, no mess. Strongly recommend for y’all to try it out!"

Ms Jing Wen

"Clean, comfortable and personable with a lot of knowledge of the skin. Will be back!"

Ms Chermaine

"...The massage is very comforting and makes me crave for more! There was no sales talk involved throughout which is what I really appreciate as I can enjoy my facial peacefully without any obligations..."

Ms Petra

"I have been a couple of times at Nydia Beauty Care for a facial to help my hormonal acne. I have had a wonderful experience with a very relaxing and caring atmosphere. I have also seen results with my skin improving already. Looking forward for my next session at Nydia."

Ms Yani

"Very professional and excellent service. the massage was relaxing. friendly staff who give good and professional advice for my skin care. highly recommended."

Ms Corinne

"Thank you for the wonderful experience! Very comfortable massage and felt no pain at all."

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this treatment help with

uneven face?


To a certain extent, yes! Results may vary depending on individual’s bone structure, any past injury or existing health condition.

Q: Is the treatment safe for pregnant women?


Our Reshaping Manual Drainage Facial is non-invasive and performed by experienced beauticians.

As an extra precaution, we'd advise to arrange an appointment only after 4 months of pregnancy. 

Q: Will this be suitable for my skin

if I have acne / eczema / rosacea?


For severe cases undergoing doctor's treatment, we may or may not be able to serve you depending on your skin condition.

Which is why we'll analyse your skin beforehand to determine if we are able to help you.

Q: Will there be any hard-selling

or hidden fees??


In-line with one of our brand promises, there will be no hard-selling activities at our shop. This is to allow all customers to enjoy their facial session peacefully.

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