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Painless and safe facial treatments that tackle your skin woes

Our facial treatments are designed to provide a painless and therapeutic experience for all our customers. We believe that a true beauty experience delivers delightful facial processes, thoughtful customer service & regaining of self-confidence.

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Skin Vitality “Get Glow” Facial


Customised Treatment for All Skins

Treatment benefits include:​

  • Boost Hydration for Softer Skin

  • Strengthen Skin’s Natural Protection

*Valid for first-time customers only

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Ever Glow “Anti-Acne” Facial


Customised Treatment for Problematic Skin

Treatment benefits include:​

  • Reduces Inflammation

  • Balances Oil Levels

  • Cleaner Pores

*Valid for first-time customers only

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Skin Renewal “Silky Skin” Facial


Micro-needling Intensive Treatment for Demanding Skin

Treatment benefits include:

  • Soften Skin Texture

  • Refine Pores

  • Lighten Marks and Scarring* (*Excluding severe scarring)

*Valid for first-time customers only

For more information on our services, please contact us via Whatsapp.

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